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CapRumah has a traditional ad conventioal profile design, but are produced from state-of-the-art contemporary techology. However, CapRumah has a finishing design with Galvanised Iron (G.I.).

Suitable For :

  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Factory Buildings
  • Hostels
  • Long Houses
  • Multi-Purpose Halls
  • Quarters
  • School Buildings
  • Shop Lots
  • Warehouses


  • Double Protective System / 100% Water Leakage Proof
  • More Economical
  • Wider Net Coverage Area as compared to traditioal width
  • Lighter Weight (less structural support)
  • Custom length at your choice
  • Easy Installation

Sectional dimension

TOLERANCES : Length: 0-10mm | Width: +/-3mm | Thickness: +/-0.03mm

Profile Diagram


Simple Installation

Cap-Rumah is pierce-fixed to timber or steel supports using a power drill. This means that fastener screws pass through the sheeting.
See the diagram below to understand how to install each fastener screw with the accurate side lapping of roofing sheets.

Material Options

Material Used

  1. Steel Grade Thickness - The base steel used conforms to Grade CGCC ad the thickness of steel use varies from 28G to 35G subject to standard thickness produced. The minimum yield strength of min 550mPa shall apply.

  2. Protective Zinc Coating - All steel sheet used in the manufacture of the roofing sheets shall have a protective layer of zinc applied by hot dip process coating conforming to Glass Z12-Z22. In this process, the two metals are diffused together to form an intermittent alloy to protect the steel base.

  3. Galvanic Action Protection - The zinc coating is the protective cover to the steel against corrosio. If the coating is accidentally scratched or breached so as to expose the steel, then the Galvanic Action Protection will take place. When zinc and steel are together in the electrolytic solutions such as water or seawater, the zinc then act as a sacrificial anode ad corrode first because of the differences between electro-motive forces. This will cover the exposed steel where the zinc is adjacent to it to prevent the steel from corrosion.





Always work safety when installing metal products and use extreme caution on the roof at all times. Wear gloves and safety glasses to reduce the risk of injury, and use hearing protection when operating power tools. Alaways wear smooth soft-soled shoes; avoid ribbed soles that pick up and hold small stones, swart and other objects.


Store metal panels indoors when possible; if outdoors; cover and elevate. Elevate one side higher for water drainage. Never cover in plastic. If a bundle gets wet, break bands and separate sheets; allow sheets to dry completely and only restack if completely dry. Material should be used promptly (within 3 months) to avoid the possibility of a storage related corrosion.


It is recommended that heavy-duty cut-resistant gloves and appropriate manual handling techniques or a lifting plan be used when handling material. Handle materials carefully to avoid damage: don't drag materials over rough surfaces or each other; protect from swarf.

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