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ZinSpan is a delicate square fluted profile. The extended flute gives the profile its strength with long spanning capabilities. The ZinSpan profile has 7 trapezoidal ribs that matches modernity and versatility in architectural appeal, yet highly functional.

Suitable For :

  • Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Factory Buildings
  • Hostels
  • Long Houses
  • Security Barracks
  • Housing Projects
  • School Buildings
  • Shop Lots


  • Very cost-effective to install with minimum support
  • Low maintenance, highly durable and weatherproof
  • Highly recommended for roof pitches from as low as 3 degree
  • Provides superior water carrying capacity
  • With a variety of pre-painted steel finishes offering long lasting beauty

Sectional dimension

TOLERANCES : Length: 0-10mm | Width: +/-3mm | Thickness: +/-0.03mm



The recommended minimum slope is 3 degree. The amount of water that must be shed increases with the length of the roof. Therefore, to avoid possible back up of water in severe wind conditions, the recommended roof length should be considered as maximum for a given roof slope and rainfall rate.

Sheet Required

Recommended Maximum Support Spacing(MM)


ZinSpan is pierce-fixed to timber or steel supports using a power drill. This means that fastener screws pass through the sheeting.
See the diagram below to understand how to install each fastener screw with the accurate side lapping of roofing sheets.


To maximise roof water tightness, always place screws through the crests.
Always drive the screws perpendicular to the sheeting, and in the centre of the corrugation or rib.


To match the performance of ZinSpan, the fastener must conform to AS 3566 Class 3


Before using a power saw with a metal cutting blade. ZinSpan profile coloured surface must be positioned facing the ground. No hot particles or debris allow to come into contact with the ZinSpan profile.


To prevent premature corrosion at the completion of each day ensure the sheeting area is cleared of all debris, including nais, rivets, rags and all cutting or drilling filings.


Green timber should not come into contact with EnvioSeries® pre-painted steel, due to acidic substances in the timber which have a corrosive effect on the coating.


It is common practice to overlap sheets into gutters by 50mm when the roof pitch is 25 degrees or in extreme weather areas. The pans of the sheets should be turned down at lower ends and turned up at upper ends.
Material Options
ZinSpan profile is available in an attractive range of colours in EnvioSeries® pre-painted steel and in unpainted GaluZinc® coated steel.

GaluZinc® stands for aluminium and zinc, bonded in almost equal amounts to coat the steel sheet with a silvery spangle, composed of aluminium (55%), zinc (43.4%) and a touch of silicon (1.6%). GaluZinc® steel delivers outstanding anti-corrosion performance.

EnvioPrime® steel sheet is precisely developed to provide subtle performance for ZinSpan profile with content of the protective polish.

EnvioClean® steel sheet is specifically designed with self-cleaning technology for ZinSpan profile surface where natural rain water is able to wash away dirt.

EnvioMatt® is steel sheet specifically engineered for ZinSpan profile with stylish matt surface, suited to address the undesirable glare from sunlight.




Warranty Subject to application and eligibility criteria up for 30 years. There are various factors that will determine whether a building is eligible for a warranty and the duration of any applicable warranty. Such factors include, but are not limited to, product selection, environmental influences, manufacturing specifications and product specific requirenments.




Always work safety when installing metal products and use extreme caution on the roof at all times. Wear gloves and safety glasses to reduce the risk of injury, and use hearing protection when operating power tools. Alaways wear smooth soft-soled shoes; avoid ribbed soles that pick up and hold small stones, swart and other objects.


Store metal panels indoors when possible; if outdoors; cover and elevate. Elevate one side higher for water drainage. Never cover in plastic. If a bundle gets wet, break bands and separate sheets; allow sheets to dry completely and only restack if completely dry. Material should be used promptly (within 3 months) to avoid the possibility of a storage related corrosion.


It is recommended that heavy-duty cut-resistant gloves and appropriate manual handling techniques or a lifting plan be used when handling material. Handle materials carefully to avoid damage: don't drag materials over rough surfaces or each other; protect from swarf.

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