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ZIN MESH SHEET is manufactured from fully verified hard drawn steel wire and accurate diameters. Our factory provide varieties of standards on reinforcing welded mesh for construction industry.

Suitable For :

  • Concrete floors
  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Footings
  • Retaining walls
  • Swimming pools
  • Tanks
  • Roads
  • Pavements
  • Pre-cast concrete components
  • Encasing and fireproofing of structural steel-work.


  • Manufactured from fully verified hard drawn steel wire and accurate diameters.
  • Provide positive mechanical anchorage through the welding of the rigidly, connected cross at intersections.
  • Assure the required area of steel at correct spacing provided and hence, time will be reduced on site supervision.
  • Easy to install and remain in position during concreting.
  • Adaptable to be bent and shaped to suit the particular job and yet able to uphold its firmness after bending.
  • The welds provide good anchorage for the concrete which control and limit any crack line to be developed.
  • Minimal cutting, bending and lying of the mesh is required compared to steel bars.
  • Less susceptible to unauthorised removal from site or pilferage.
  • Enhance speed and economy in construction which will result in savings of workforce costs and wastage.


Material Properties

Fabric Lapping

Fabric Lapping




Mesh bar should be stored in stacks more than 6 feet high. welded mesh sheet should be stored flat and horizontally on level ground. Mesh bar should be stacked with sufficient timber supports so that the welded mesh sheet do not buckle, bend or sag.

Avoid contacting with or beneath carbon steel rebar or other ferrous materials. Welded mesh sheet should be put on the top if the contacting with ferrous material is inevitable when transporting. Should be covered with polyethylene sheeting or other appropriate material if the mesh bars are kept outdoors.


Fully recommended on using plastic, stainless steel wire or synthetic straps when strapping. Use synthetic straps when lifting. Avoid using carbon steel lifting device, bare chains and steel bands, if it is inevitable, using something to isolate them from the welded mesh sheet to prevent the direct contact with ferrous materials.

Sharp edges of mesh can cause injury. Appropriate cut resistant gloves should be worn when handling welded mesh sheet.

Mesh bar on the floor can also be a trip hazard. Responsible personnel should develop site-specific procedures before pouring the concrete on the mesh.

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